Key cooperation with Sundance Ets. (uStore-it) & Ctailer

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uStore-it has made a great reputation of serving the Costa Del Sol and the Campo de Gibraltar area, by upholding the highest standards in storage and logistics management. It is with great honor and pleasure to have Ctailer benefit from this great experience. 

Sundance Enterprises SL, the company currently managing the uStore-it Franchise in La Linea, will be operating as the CTAILER Hub in Spain and Gibraltar, allowing our network to seamlessly receive parcels on the Spanish side then import and deliver them to our pickup points in Gibraltar. Vivian Gilliland is in charge of the operations and we believe that he will help us achieve a high level of operational quality within a complex Covid situation.

uStore-it La Linea Ctailer HUB
Vivian Gililan an Ctailer Gibraltar