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What Are The Key Features So when we set the challenge to the Nutritional Ninjas to break all Diet Meal Replacement Records, we didn’t know they’d take it as far as they did! But 141 days later & we’re buzzing about this shake for so many reasons, here’s the vitals that you need to know (and brag about…) 1. Specially formulated to help with weight loss. 2. Low in both fat and sugar. 3. Contains Digezyme® a multi-enzyme complex that help break down carbohydrates, lactose, cellulosic fibres, fats and proteins for easier absorption. 4. Full range of health contributing vitamins, ideal for maintaining energy levels, reducing tiredness and keeping your immune system in top condition. 5. Konjac Glucomannan, a form of fibre that has been found in studies to contribute to weight loss. 6. High in protein which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass key when losing weight. 7. For the FREE FROM addicts, this beast is also What Free, Gluten Free, GM Free and Vegetarian. Why Should I Use Diet Meal Replacement Extreme We’re pretty obsessed with looking at all nutrition in a way that dispels the myths, challenges the status quo and above all, helps you do what your body needs, not what the masses say you need. Where does this leave us with Diet Meal Replacement Extreme? Well lets take a short journey into the word of Neurotransmitters and Homeostasis … bare with us, this stuff matters because they’re two of the biggest reasons diets fail and we’re talking long term. Put very bluntly, you’re more likely to fail when you don’t give your body the nutritional goodies that will temper your neurotransmitters – think of these as the swot team of dietary deficiencies, if you’re lacking in something they think you need, they’ve got the power to pretty much hijack your body, walk your legs to the cookie jar and only bring you back to consciousness once you’re covered in crumbs asking yourself what happened! You can get these under control with Diet Meal Replacement Extreme because not only does it pack a weight of vitamins and minerals but also specifically formulated fibres that interrupt craving signals in their tracks. Next up, Homeostasis, think of this as the stealth dieting destroyer! It’s the reason why you might have seen rapid weight loss, followed by even faster weight gain, or in less severe cases a complete weight loss plateau that leads to a discipline disaster. Combatting this challenge is about getting the body into a balanced state where by sustainable fat loss can be achieved. How does Diet Meal Replacement Extreme help tackling this tinker? Well, with a shake a day, because it’s complimented with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals and the most effective extracts, like green tea this has been proven to contribute to balanced weight loss. The Extreme version of our popular Diet Meal Replacement is also stripped to the bones when it comes to Fat and Sugar, so as part of a balanced diet, it helps to naturally drop your bodies reliance on these elements helping to get a balanced state that’s less volatile and more likely to endure. Diet Meal Replacement Extreme All Natural Flavours Diet Meal Replacement Extreme comes with the choice of 2 epic flavours, Chocolate Silk and Strawberries ‘n’ Cream. Like with every product that comes out of TPW Towers, Diet Meal Replacement Extreme includes only 100% natural colours and flavours to ensure you are getting the highest quality, ultra pure protein shakes on the market.

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