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What Is Cashew Butter, Simply Smooth? Cashew Butter, Simply Smooth from TPW™ is an ultra-pure nut butter that contains absolutely no added sugar or salt, just loads of premium cashews. Widely known for being peanut butter’s “creamier cousin”, many people use it to flavor everything from their cakes to their shakes. Cashew Butter, Simply Smooth is used in thousands of TPW™ recipes across our community, but can also be attacked directly with a large spoon! Why? Because every tub of TPW™ Cashew Butter, Simply Smooth has been made with the finest cashew nuts and slowly roasted to maximise flavour. What’s left is a great-tasting, nutritionally versatile butter that’s an excellent source of protein and fibre to fit into almost any diet plan. How Is Cashew Butter, Simply Smooth Made? THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Cashew Butter, Simply Smooth is made from ground, roasted cashews. Also, unlike many other products on the market, ours proudly contains no added sugar or salt. This of course means without all the nasty additives you get a healthier, ultra pure nut butter. At TPW™ we also find the result is a more wholesome, naturally tasting product – just like Mother Nature intended.

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