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A unique form of amino energy, Amino NRG, Pre Workout Formula is a highly formulated cutting-edge amino energy enhancer considered to be one of the best selling amino acid supplements on the market today. Engineered using a scientific blend of ultra pure amino acids, Amino-NRG has been designed to help dramatically increase your energy, work output, strength, speed, recovery and muscle building potential. Taken pre, intra or post workout, Amino NRG, Pre Workout Formula contains not only the purest aminos in sports nutrition, but a much higher concentration per serving than any other amino energy formula. This unique supplement also includes caffeine and green tea extract to help raise energy levels meaning you won’t find a purer or more potent amino acid supplement anywhere else. Also, it contains over 10g of micronised amino acids per serving, including Instantised Branch Chain Amino Acids (iBCAA). Amino NRG, Pre Workout Formula was created in the TPW™ Lab with the mission to be the best and most wide ranging amino acid formula in sports nutrition today. No other formula has both such a wide spectrum of amino acids as well as sizeable servings of each. Plus the entire amino blend has been enhanced with pure, natural energising extracts such as green tea extract, caffeine and L-tyrosine to increase the overall effectiveness and potency of Amino-NRG. Amino NRG, Pre Workout Formula is ideal to help supercharge your training with its sheer number of amino acids. The reason Amino NRG, Pre Workout Formula is so widely used by athletes with many different training goals is due to its unique formula. The vast array of amino acids not only deliver individual benefits, but also work synergistically together to improve work output during intensive workouts. To help you better understand the theory and science behind Amino-NRG, we run through the key ingredients below. Find out more about each ingredient in Amino NRG, Pre Workout Formula: iBCAA Instantised Branch Chain Amino Acids have a whole range of benefits ranging from increasing muscle mass, enhancing recovery to improving the efficiency of the immune system. Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) have been shown to play a key role in everything from muscle development to overall recovery, so having them in free-form can significantly improve the effectiveness of your workouts. Glutamine has been shown in numerous studies to reduce muscle breakdown, support the immune system and promote muscle growth. Arginine is an amino acid found in all ‘muscle pump’ formulas. TPW™’s Amino-NRG contains this in pure form to help produce optimal muscular pump which in turn aids the delivery of nutrients, blood and oxygen to the working muscles. Beta Alanaine has become a hugely popular sports supplement based on its proven ability to help buffer lactic acid and delay the onset of fatigue, therefore improving endurance. L Tyrosine is an amino acid that can help play a key role in controlling neurotransmitters that govern mental alertness, combat stress and help motivation when dieting or cutting. Citrulline Malate is an amino acid complex that’s been shown to help combat muscular fatigue by helping the body get rid of toxins and bi-products produced during intense training. Caffeine (133mg per serving) is one of the most widely used single ingredients in sports nutrition today. It’s been shown to help with everything from increased alertness, reducing perception to fatigue to ultimately creating a more favourable ionic environment within the working muscle. Green Tea Extract as well as being a powerful antioxidant, green tea extract is better known for increasing your body’s ability to use stored fat as an energy source. Amino NRG, Pre Workout Formula is manufactured at our state of the art facility right here in the UK with our widely acclaimed all natural flavours and colours to create the finest quality supplements on the market today. No fillers or thickeners are used during the production process which guarantees a totally pure product. As we produce all our formulas ourselves, each one offers the ultimate in freshness. Find out more about TPW™ All Natural Innovative Flavours.

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