Pricing & Services:

Dear fellowship of the Rock. We are launching our services around mid-November. In the meantime we have opened registrations and we will be inviting a small group of members to participate in our early beta phase (priority to Frequent and Verified Shoppers).

These fees and conditions below only apply for orders made through our Apps and for covered marketplaces. For any marketplace not yet covered you can use our CUSTOM ORDER PAGE just that the process may be slower.

Guest Shopper

For occasional orders
0 Monthly
  • La Linea Pickup:€5
  • Gibraltar Pickup:€10
         same day pickup
  • La Linea Storage: 7 days Free
    then €1/Day
  • * Duties + Fees: 20%
    5% for Duty Free Items
    (Music, Baby & Culture)
  • ** Self Return Label: €2
                Managed Returns: €10/item

Frequent Shopper

Lowest fees, Freebies & Gifts
12 Monthly
  • La Linea Pickup: €2.5
  • Gibraltar Pickup: €6
         same day pickup
  • La Linea Storage: 7 days Free
    then €1/Day
  • * Duties + Fees: 15%
    5% for Duty Free Items
    (Music, Baby & Culture)
  • ** Self Return Label: FREE
                Managed Returns: €5/item
  • *** Free Prime Logistics
  • Free GIB Pickup for:
          CD/DVDs & Publications
  • Gifts, cash-back, vouchers
          at Ctailer's discretion
Best Value

NB: Due to COVID and uncertain business environment, our pricing and offering may change rapidly and or temporary.

* Applicable only for the items we need to import for pickup & delivery in Gibraltar.
These fees include import duty of 10% + our transaction fees for purchasing/importing the items on your behalf.
For duty free items we will only charge the transaction fees of 5%

**  Cross-border returns are complex and costly. If we are to manage your returns (Managed Returns) we can not recover Gibraltar duties paid at import and the re-entry to Spain may be liable to Spanish import VAT & duties. For those who want to handle their returns on their own we provide the return labels from seller for a small admin fee (discounted or free for paid members). From the return delay offered by the seller, for instance 30 days, we need to deduct 5 working days for managed returns, giving you between 20 to 22 days to make your return request to us (from the day of delivery at our Hub in La Linea).

*** Marketplaces like Amazon or other often offer faster shipping options for a subscription or minimum order.
As we aggregate orders we often obtain these faster and or free shipping options at no extra costs for you!
This advantage only applies to the logistics leg from the Marketplace to our Hub in La Linea.