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How to buy from Amazon UK, and pickup your items locally

You have 2 ways of ordering from Amazon UK:

  • Custom Order:
    This type of order is better for low stock and or flash sales products as you can secure your order instantly.
    1- You buy by yourself directly from Amazon UK by visiting this affiliate link* or using the Amazon UK Search box below.
    2- Get your products shipped to: “Your Name” c/o Ctailer, Calle de la Goleta 19, La Linea 11300, Cadiz, Spain.
    3- You fill up our Custom Order form to inform us about the arrival of your order and pay our logistics fees
  • Sourcing Order:
    This type of order is adapted for those who do not have an Amazon UK Prime account.
    1- Visit each page of each product you want, select the variants then copy the URL of each item.
    2- Complete our Sourcing Order so that we get all the information we need.
    3- We then buy and receive your items then deliver to you locally.

About shipping delays:

It takes between 5 and 10 working days to arrange for Amazon UK products to reach our pickup points in Gibraltar

  • We may receive a commission from Amazon on qualifying sales at no extra costs for you. Please refer to our affiliate disclosure policy.