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Most frequent questions and answers

Not necessarily. You just need to add your products to the shopping cart of the marketplace and our App will take it over from there. As soon as you add a product to your cart you will be prompted to chose to continue shopping on that marketplace, or to transfer your selection to Ctailer checkout process. In some cases, you may have to open a free account with a given marketplace, but you should not order through that account and instead forward your products to our App.

For marketplaces with which we have not, or can not integrate in an automated way, we have a “customer order page” where you can enter the details of your product and we will order and arrnage the delivery for you.

Yes of course. That said cross-border returns are costly and complicated. We usually need 5 days to assist with a managed return and we chare a £10 fee per return. Import duties and taxes back to the country of origin may apply, but we do our best to assist with the returns that are worth returning.

Our costs include various fees that are necessary to pay in order to solve the cross-border logistic issues. We cover currency exchange and transaction fees, import duties and taxes as well as various logistics related costs. Our fees transparent and displayed on our pricing page and during the checkout process. We also offer a subscription model for frequent buyer, in order to reduce the costs per parcel.

In our urban pickup points we usually start to charge £1 per extra day after the first 2 days of storage. In suburban pickup point we are able to offer free storage for the first 7 days. That said, if informed in advance we are able to arrange for more cost-effective long terms storage.