About custom orders with tables

Buy anything from any website that is not yet supported by our Apps. As long as they can deliver to our Hub in La Linea.
Step1: Order & ship to: “Your Name” c/o Ctailer, Calle de la Goleta 19, 11300 La Linea, Cadiz, Spain 
Step2: Come back here and submit the concerned Custom Order form and pay the applicable fees.

€5 GIB Pickup + 10% Duty + 3.9% Admin fee + €1/item

€2.5 La Linea Pickup + 3.9% Admin fee + €1/item

About Duties

Personal imports to Gibraltar are currently taxed at a 10% rate for most products, but the following items are currently exempt of personal import duties:

  • Medicines;
  • Medical aids and accessories;
  • Sanitary products
  • Any items to assist those with disabilities;
  • Books;
  • Educational products;
  • Clothing clearly labelled as children’s clothing;
  • Imports totaling less than £25;


For operational simplicity, we charge 10% duty on all orders, and will refund you the duty for each item that qualifies for duty exemption. More information on the official notice here