Custom order page for pickup in La Linea

For all custom orders from Marketplaces which are not yet integrated in one of our Apps, please follow these steps:

1- You need to order and pay directly on the concerned supplier website. Get the products shipped to our address in la Linea in the following way: “Your Name” c/o Ctailer Sundance Enterprises, Calle de la Goleta, 19, 11300 La Linea de la Concepcion, Cadiz, Spain

2- You need to inform us about the price inclusive of VAT and shipping fees to our warehouse in La Linea. We also request a screenshot of your order or a copy of the invoice.

3- You need to submit your order information with the form below and pay the fee:
Pickup fee €2.5 + €1/item + 3.9% Admin fees (Frequent Shopper offer)

Payments are processed in € by Sundance Enterprises S.L via Payment Gateway