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What if we could solve the 3 main problems of your e-commerce venture ?

We have built a network of Social Media Influencers, whom we equip with know-how and an omni-channel sales toolbox. Our Ctailers as we call them, can receive your products in consignment (e-Fulfillment) and can create engaging content (unboxing videos, product reviews and testimonials).

Our Influencers act as your online, local and niche Brand Ambassadors and can drive extremely targeted traffic to your channels, in addition to their own channels. More than traffic, they make sales happen, offline and online.

Quick go to market:

4 express steps to retail market

Fastest Shipping Option:

As a human interface, our Influencers will enable you to offer an exceptional purchase experience to your clients. Some of the additional benefits our network can offer you in covered Cities*:
1- Offer a 20 Min Delivery/Pickup
2- Offer Cash or Card payment on Deliver/Pickup
3- Returns management & re-furbishing services
*Available in San Francisco, coming soon to: Los Angeles, New York and more.

Seamless Integration:

Oh we almost forgot, we also plug & play into your existing system. Either using our REST API or one of our plugins. And we track sales using a discount coupon.

Our plugins for your e-commerce store

How much does it cost ?

Commission on sales (generated by influencers): 15% minimum, 30% advised.
Commission on local payments: 4.9% for Cash and 2.9% for cards
Pick & Pack Fee: $3 for 1st item, $1 for next items
Local Pickup by clients at Ctailer location: Free
Local 1 Mile delivery: $7 (carbon free)
Returns Management: $3 per item
Storage Fee: Free for small items
Subscription: $99/City/Month
Setup Fee: None

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