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5 Million local and foreign products now available with local delivery

Ctailer allows you to buy products from brands and marketplaces that do not offer delivery to your location. Using our Apps and our platform you can select the products you want and have us receive and deliver them for you. We manage all the cross-border processes, you collect locally
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How to buy from Amazon UK

Not all sellers on Amazon UK are shipping to Spain. Also a given order can be fulfilled into multiple shipments arriving at different dates… Read More

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How to buy from Amazon Spain

Buying Prime products from Amazon Spain is the most efficient way, parcels arrive quickly and at no extra costs. Just ship to our address… Read More

For all other marketplaces you can use one of the following order method

A Custom Order is when you order and pay the supplier and get your items shipped to one of our Hubs. You then submit a Custom Order form to inform us and pay our logistics fees for local delivery… Read more

A Sourcing Order is when you want us to take care of the purchase (sourcing) as well as the logistics so that you make a single order and payment and we handle everything until local delivery… Read More

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If you already have an account you can download and use our Mobile Apps or browser extension to start shopping. 
If the website you want to buy from is not yet supported by our Apps you can use our Custom Order page 
If you can not remember your password you can use our  Lost Password link
Before using our Apps make sure you watch our Tutorial video 

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions (browse all FAQ entries)

No worries, we know the feeling in we invite you to come visit us at Century 21, Unit 3, Grand Ocean Plaza. We can show you how it works, help you install our Apps and show you some tricks on how to get the best online deals. CLICK HERE to book a time with us.

If the marketplace you want to buy from is integrated with our Apps then everything happens through our Mobile Apps and Browser Extensions. Once you download one of our Apps you will be able to login and shop within the Apps. Our website is therefore more about creating an account and getting general information about our business.

If the website you want to buy from is NOT yet covered by our Apps you can then directly buy/pay on that website and then visit our Custom Order page to inform us about the arrival of your parcel, and to pay your logistics fees in advance.

We usually need 2 to 4H to confirm an order and source it from the concerned seller. If your product may go out of stock within the next hour or so then we have the following solutions for you:

1: Check via the live chat if a member of our team is available to process your order in express mode.

2: Book a physical meeting with us and we will handle your sensitive purchases live together.

3: You buy it yourself. Then you use our Custom Order Page to inform us about the arrival of your parcel and pay the related fees.

Our Mobile App and Browser extension are designed to read the shopping cart page of our supported marketplaces. To get our App to popup again just visit the shopping cart page of Amazon or Zalando or other marketplaces that you are browsing.

If you are already on the shopping cart page of the marketplace and our App still is not showing up, please contact us to get help or to request us to integrate this new website.

Our online payments are processed by, one of the greatest online payment provider. They usually accept a great number of cards but it happens that some cards may be refused because of:
1: The amount is too large for your card limit
2: Your card is not supported by Stripe
3: Your bank is blocking online foreign purchases

But do not worry, we always have at least 2 solutions for each single problem. Here is what you can do:
1: Contact us via the our form or live chat to pay using a different method. We may accept Bank Transfers, PayPal, Bitcoin and other methods.
2: Book a physical meeting with us in Gibraltar to pay by card via terminal or by cash.

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